About us

We understand that finding the perfect home is not an easy task. However, the team at our real estate agency is here to make this process easier and more successful for you.

Why choose us? Because we pursue your goals with passion and dedication. There is no greater satisfaction for us than seeing our clients happily and satisfactorily moving into the home they have been dreaming of.

Every single client matters to us. We don't just treat it as a business transaction, but instead, we build long-term relationships with you. We listen to your needs and expectations and do everything in our power to find the most suitable property for you.

Our experienced and prepared team pays attention to every detail. We know the market and current trends, as well as the best opportunities that will help you in a successful purchase or sale.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on transparency and ethical business practices. We always respect the interests and trust of our clients and provide transparency in every step.

Choose our real estate agency, and we guarantee that you will receive professional and personalized service. With us, your dreams can come true too.

We are buyer broker agency

Our office always represents the buyers, we conclude an assignment contract with the buyer, we are paid by the buyer, our commission is banded. Keeping in mind the interests of our client, we strive to find and achieve the best options for them. 

Why is it worth trusting us, since anyone can look for a property and buy it without buyer broker agency?

We know where and how to arrange a fast and cheap NIE number for our client. What does a tourist permit mean and how important it is for the investor, where, when and how much is the post-purchase transcription duty, tax and other costs. What and which legal representation (lawyer, notary, immigration representation) is required during a sale and purchase process. We know what makes a good house and what doesn't. We know the area well and are happy to introduce it to anyone interested, we have created different packages for this.

During the assignment, we try to establish a trusting relationship with our client, so that we know what kind of property the client is looking for, how much the client has, where and for what purpose the client would like to buy, whether the client will need a mortgage or perhaps more time to pay the property, what priorities we use to find the dream property. We screen every aspect of the found property, which is also preferred by the buyer. We work with several lawyers, we have experts in inheritance, unregistered but legalizable properties, rural rustic estates, bank repossessions, architectural issues and preliminary renovation budgets.
We represent our client, we are the seller's agent, we are also our client's brokers. 

After the purchase, we help our client with leasing, managing the property, we have contractual partners. If necessary, we undertake the renovation in general construction, we have several tried and tested subcontractors compete in order to achieve the best renovation price. We are in contact with several architectural offices, we also have an interior designer.

We know what and where to get it, how to transfer water and electricity to half your name, and we can do that. We also assist in obtaining the necessary permits. We also maintain good relations with local governments and other authorities. Perhaps one of the most important things a customer can get from us is the local knowledge. We know in which location, where it is worth buying a house or apartment, where what increase in value can be achieved, what leasing opportunities the given property will have, what yield our client can expect. We know the "tricks" of sellers, we can see through the sales strategies of agents representing the seller.

Our agency.

Topandalusia is a client driven full service real estate company. Our objective is maintaining long term client relationships through quality and exceptional service. With our comprehensive and knowledgeable approach we can meet all your real estate needs. We offer a full range of products from real estate sales, listings, financing, and property management.