Our popular package, which serves the purpose of allowing our customers who come for housing or investment purposes to get to know the area of ​​the Costa del Sol where we work better before making a purchase.

In this nearly 5-6 hour period, we will tell you everything about what is typical of the given settlement, a little history, a little culture, a little investment. During the tour, many personal questions arise, we get to know each other, get to know the needs and together we look for and find solutions to these needs. In the meantime, we will show you which town is famous for what, what the local infrastructure is like, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, medical institutions, markets, beaches, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.,general, where it is located.

During this time, we will see many places, mostly unknown to the average tourist, we will visit fabulous places, we will present all the attractions that have made many people fall in love with this region.