Spanish cuisine is famous the world over because it is flavoursome, healthy, traditional, creative and varied, and also because of its popular restaurants and fine dining, as demonstrated by the international recognition of its chefs. 

One of key factors and success of the Spanish gastronomy are the variety and quality of the raw materials and ingredients. Spain is the biggest world olive oil producer, the biggest wine exporter and first and second European fruit and vegetables producer, respectively. Spain is also a fourth pork meat world producer, and is internationally famous due to the Iberico pork, the Iberian black pork, which is unique and it produces the best world charcuterie and cured pork meat, with the ham being the star product.

With regard to the diversity of the country,  depending on the region you can find difference specialities, culinary options, techniques, and preferences. On the other hand, it has gastronomy and several dishes in common. Some Spanish plates are world famous, such as the Paella, the Spanish Omelette, the Iberico Ham (which works as a gourmet plate by itself), Croquettes, etc.  

Spain is also known for its gastronomic habits, like Mediterranean diet, and traditions, such as Tapas.

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